SELLING:  Arlene will provide you with a marketing plan to meet your needs and make sure your listing has maximum exposure. Arlene will help you sell as quickly as possible and get the most for your property.

Arlene will provide you with an extensive competitive market analysis that compares your property to others in your immediate area. The “active listings” will show you the listings with which your home will compete, and the “sold listings” will tell you the true market value ― what you can expect to realize from the sale of your home.

BUYING:  Whether you are choosing your first home, your move-up home, or you are sizing down, Arlene can help. Her expertise as a buyer representative will make the home-buying process very smooth and easy.

 Arlene will meet with you to determine your desires and needs, and will help find the perfect home for you.

 When you find the perfect home, she will provide you with a competitive market analysis to make sure that the offer you write is appropriate.  Arlene can handle all the details and keep you informed throughout the process ― all the way through closing.

"Arlene was so helpful and knowledgeable that whenever we had a question, it was JUST ASK ARLENE!"  -- Jen & Debbie



Your first step should be to call Arlene.

"We sincerely wish you all the success in the future and are pleased to highly recommend your services without hesitation."  -- Ben & Kelly

Arlene΄s clients appreciate her style and benefit from her expertise.  Here are a few of her clients' success stories.  Please contact Arlene today so that you, too, will be a success story.

    What to listen for that may help
​    you
decide whether it's time to
​    buy or sell...

  • We have been renting too long!
  • I'm not sure if now is a good time to buy.
  • We would like to sell our home,
    but we're not sure of the value.
  • I know we can look at homes on the Internet, but we really need someone with experience who will help us with the details.
  • I'm sure we need to make some improvements to our home before we sell, but we are not sure what is most important.

"We originally thought it might take awhile to find a buyer and we were completely surprised when you brought us the offer, a very good offer, which was accepted on the spot." -- Pat & Rick